Carlos Bastos

Considered a pioneer of modern art in Bahia, Carlos Bastos also earned fame as an illustrator and set designer. A student of Mendonça Filho and Alberto Valença, he became a constant presence in the cultural life of Salvador.

Carlos Bastos was published in the year 2000 in two languages (Portuguese / English) to celebrate the artist's 75-year birthday. The book presents an anthology of his work, from the initial production in 1947, to the more recent works from the 1990s.

With the editorial advisory of Claudius Portugal and graphic design by Virgínia Y. Fujiwara and Claudio Rapold, the book reveals the details of a career marked by dozens of individual and collective exhibits and countless awards. The preface by Antônio Carlos Magalhães – friend of the painter since early childhood – emphasizes the care taken with details and the rigorous technique used on Carlos Bastos’ canvases, defining them as “mirrors of the Bahian soul.”