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Consortium Formed by Odebrecht Infrastructure Wins Brazil Protection Award

 The Metropolitano 5 Consortium (CM5) – formed by Odebrecht Infrastructure (leader), Queiroz Galvão and OAS – won three categories of the 2013 Brazil Protection Award, which recognizes successful actions in the areas of Workplace Health and Safety with the case “Good Practices for Mitigating the Impacts of the Risks at the Construction Project for Lot 7 of Line 5 - Lilly of the São Paulo Subway.”

Through the 117 works signed up and the 75 selected, the CM5 study was elected the Best Risk Management Case, the Best Southeast Region Case and the Best Brazilian Case during the ceremony held at the 2013 Protection Expo – International Workplace Health and Safety Fair in São Paulo.

CM5 highlighted the objectives, actions and results obtained from the implementation of Risk Management, which includes the Action Plan during Emergencies and Crisis Management, as well as the good preventive practices integrated with the different contract areas, reducing the impacts of the activity-related risks in the case of occurrences.

Along a 5.7-kilometer stretch of the São Paulo Subway Line 5, the new stations Santa Cruz and Chácara Klabin will be built, together with the ventilation shafts and emergency exits Botucatu, Jorge de Melo and Dionísio da Costa. In order to excavate the tunnel between the avenue Avenida dos Bandeirantes and street Rua Dionísio da Costa, the shield, known informally as the “megatatuzão,” will be used. With a diameter of 10.5 meters, the machine drills the soil and installs the permanent structural lining using prefabricated concrete rings at the same time.