Financing for Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant Approved


 In December, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a US$ 150 million financing granted to Odebrecht Energia for the installation of the Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant in Peru, one of the country’s largest electric energy generation plants.

Set for conclusion in 2016, the Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant will help diversify the Peruvian energy matrix and reduce carbon emissions. “Its installed capacity of 406 MW, together with the region’s development, reinforces the company’s commitment to the country and consolidates our operations in the sector,” said Erlon Arfelli, Director at Odebrecht Energia in Peru.

The financing will be used for the project infrastructure, including the transmission line, which will connect the plant to the National Interconnected System (the Peruvian national electrical network), access roads and auxiliary installations. The project will receive investments of US$ 1.2 billion and will generate 2,500 direct job opportunities.