Linha 4 Sul Consortium Inaugurates Interactive Station at Rio de Janeiro Subway


The South stretch of the Rio de Janeiro Subway Line 4, currently being built by the Linha 4 Sul Consortium – led by Odebrecht Infrastructure –, recently inaugurated the Interactive Station, a space with technological resources that bring the population technical information and interesting facts about the construction work.

The 225-square meter space has three interactive screens, a miniature model of the Line 4 South stretch, 3-D video booths of each station and a panel of photos with a timeline of the project. The main highlight is the holography (3-D images) of the “tatuzão” (Shield) that is drilling the tunnel. “It is quite interesting and the information is very well explained,” said resident Felipe de Nascimento. “Anyone who comes here and watches it all attentively leaves with a good idea of where the project is at,” he said.

At the end of the tour, visitors can take home a special gift: a photo in settings related to the construction work, such as the pile of staves in the neighborhood of Leopoldina.