Odebrecht Wins New Contract in Luanda, Angola


 Odebrecht Angola signed a contract for the construction of a 125-house condominium in the neighborhood of Talatona, in Luanda, 60 units of which are designed for Esso Angola, a North American oil company, and the remaining ones designed for sale to other oil companies.

The houses will be installed on a 140,000 m2 terrain located near a shopping center and schools. “We are pleased with the location, it is ideal,” said the General Director of Esso Angola, Stephane De Mahieu. “We appreciate the fact that the company works with us. I hope that together we can complete some great work, and we are excited about the next two years,” said De Mahieu.

In addition to the 380-m2 houses, the contract includes the construction of gatehouses (social and service), tennis courts, a party hall, fitness gym, multisport court, adult and children’s pools, a playground, running and bicycle path, barbecue pit and green area that extends 62,000 m2. The contract will be concluded in February of 2016 and the construction work will generate 2,000 direct job opportunities.