From One Side of the Andes Mountain Range to Another - through a Tunnel


In Lambayeque in Northern Peru, Odebrecht Peru is working through the Trasvase Olmos Concessionaire to help construct the Olmos Irrigation Hydroenergy Project, which will carry water from the Huancabamba River to the region of the Olmos Valley, passing through the Andes Mountain range from the Atlantic to Pacific slopes. The project consists of the Transandino Tunnel and Limón Dam, which have already been concluded.

In December 2011, the concessionaire completed the digging work for the Transandino Tunnel, which extends 20 km and has a diameter of 5.3 meters. Its construction represents one of the world’s most complex engineering projects currently being completed, since the tunnel’s depth reaches 2,000 meters below the mountain surface.

“It is an emblematic project, not only due to the challenge of opening a tunnel through the mountain range with adverse geological and geotechnical conditions, but also due to the public and private association between Peru, represented by the Regional Government of Lambayeque, and a company that invests in the development of infrastructure in the country,” explained Juan Andrés Marsano, Investment Director at Odebrecht.

The ceremony marking the conclusion of the drilling work was held inside the tunnel, 6 km from the entry, and included the participation of the President of Peru, Ollanta Humala Tasso, the Minister of the Economy, Miguel Castilla, Housing Minister, René Cornejo, Agriculture Minister, Luis Gionocchio, Governor of Lambayeque, Humberto Acuña, Mayor of Olmos, Willy Serrato, and Members of Odebrecht Peru. The participants watched the arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) to the site, when the equipment drilled the last meter of the tunnel.

“The result was achieved thanks to the participation of the Peruvian government, the incentive provided by the Regional Government of Lambayeque and the Olmos Tinajones Special Project as the supervising entity, and due to the commitment and dedication of the Members,” said Jorge Barata, Managing Director of Odebrecht Peru.

Considered a model of innovation and business creativity, the project will directly benefit more than 100,000 Peruvians and will generate more than 1 million direct and indirect job opportunities. “The construction project marks a new economic course for the region of Lambayeque and for Northern Peru,” said Jorge Barata.