New Odebrecht Angola Contract


Odebrecht Angola has signed a contract to build the infrastructure of the iron mining project for the company Angola Exploration Mining Resources S.A. (AEMR), a public-private company that controls the Business Conglomerate DT Group, located in Township of Jamba, Province of Huila.

Currently undergoing the mobilization process for the construction of the iron ore production and processing plan, the company expects to generate 2,500 direct and indirect job opportunities. It is estimated that up to 3,000 Members will be needed for its operation. “The project will generate work opportunities and improve the quality of life, not only for residents of the Jamba municipality, but also for the population of the neighboring cities,” said Félix Martins, Contract Director.

The development will also promote the arrival of investments in the food, hotel, trade and service areas. “Improvements are planned in the region’s infrastructure, crude and potable water distribution, energy generation and distribution and construction of roads,” said Martins.

During the course of the construction work, the company plans to develop local labor training and qualification programs and training focused on social-environmental education and literacy.

After the project’s conclusion, scheduled for 2014, the construction will begin for the first steel plant in Angola, which will allow the nation to join the group of African countries that produce steel. Over the medium term, it is estimated that the project will create 8,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.