Canal do Sertão Alagoano


The Canal do Sertão Alagoano project is nearly completed. It will be delivered in November as it will start performing its main function: to contribute to the development of Alagoas State western region where a semi-dry whether and climate conditions prevail, both determining factors to hinder the rural development. The project comprises an area of approximately 13,230.30 sq.-kilometers, which represents 47.36% of the whole state surface area. It will directly benefit 700 thousand residents in 42 municipalities. The project's water system, which comprises a 250-km-long canal, will supply water impounded in the São Francisco River to irrigate some 26 thousand hectares of fertile land in concentrated borders and to uses others such as human, cattle and fishing cultures. The Canal do Sertão Alagoano project is the result of a partnership between State of Alagoas Government and the Federal Government through the Ministry of National Integration. Odebrecht was in charge of building the water intake as well as earthmoving and civil services, procurement and assembly of tubes for the waterlines and of hydro-mechanical equipment.