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Odebrecht Defense and Technology

Created in 2011, Odebrecht Defense and Technology offers innovative solutions that are contributing toward Brazilian technological autonomy and that of the country's Armed Forces through projects, technologies and highly complex products designed for military and civilian use.

The Business operates within the context of implementing the Brazilian Government's National Defense Strategy (END) for the modernization of the sector and the restructuring of the national defense industry. In order to develop and apply such advanced technologies, Odebrecht Defense and Technology relies on highly trained teams to meet clients' needs, resulting in a current profile of Members, more than 33% of which have earned from their undergraduate to post-doctorate degree.

Odebrecht Defense and Technology operates in the defense market through the following companies:

  • Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN): focused on the construction of conventional and nuclear-powered submarines under the National Submarine Development Program (PROSUB) for the Brazilian Navy;
  • Baia de Sepetiba Consortium (CBS): responsible for planning, coordinating, managing and administrating the PROSUB interfaces;
  • Mectron: focused on the development of high-tech products and complex systems for military and civilian use. 

Through the companies above, Odebrecht Defense and Technology invests to expand the operational capacity of national defense by training leaders and accumulating knowledge. The business operations are focused on the development of technologies in different segments of the defense market. The main ones include:

  • Vessels and oceanic monitoring: through the Submarine Development Program, Odebrecht Defense and Technology is working in partnership with the French company DCNS to produce the first nuclear-powered submarine in Brazil and another four conventionally-powered submarines. 
  • Intelligent Weaponry: products with an integrated search system and high capacity for target detection and tracking. The main products include long and short range missiles that travel over land, air and open sea.
  • Communication systems: systems such as LINK BR-2 and RDS guarantee information security in strategic national communications that require secrecy and reliability, with data traffic through data links, radio and/or satellite.
  • Radars: the product designed for the AMX aircraft is used as the main sensor of its weapon sub-system, detecting and tracking maritime, land and air targets.
  • Space: Odebrecht Defense and Technology develops and manufactures multi-mission platforms such as solar panels, batteries, conditioning units, transponders and antennas. It also produces satellites and satellite launch vehicles. 

Awards and Distinctions

A few of the company's recent achievements include:

  • Strategic Defense Companies (EED): Odebrecht Defense and Technology and Mectron are qualified by Brazil's Ministry of Defense to serve as important producers of goods and services for the defense sector in Brazil.
  • FINEP Award: distinction for work related to innovation management, internationalization and partnerships in 2013.
  • Destaque Award in Service Exports: recognizing the importance of Mectron's operations in international markets and related to the export of high technology services for the defense and aerospace sector during the year 2013.


With the launch of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) in 2008 by the Brazilian Armed Forces, one of the first initiatives was the institution of the Brazilian Navy´s National Submarine Development Program (Prosub). Chosen by the French company DCNS, one of the world leaders in naval defense, Odebrecht became a member of the Baía de Sepetiba Consortium (CBS), which manages the program, and Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN), which is responsible for building the submarines, with technology transfer.

In 2011, the Group's activities were strengthened by the creation of Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia. That same year, the Business acquired control of Mectron, a company that has provided services to the Armed Forces for 20 years, integrating complex systems for the defense, space, and public safety sectors.

Odebrecht Defense and Technology is the only company in Latin America to manufacture an anti-radiation missile and one of only three worldwide with such expertise.