Located between the states of Mato Grosso and Pará, the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) completed one of the most important phases of its construction: bypassing the Teles Pires River. Right on schedule, the process was completed on June 6 through three tunnels along the left bank, extending 318 meters long, 15 meters wide and 16 meters high each.

“The bypass of the river represents another important milestone in the construction of the Teles Pires,” said Matheus Gontijo, Production Manager. “With this stage concluded, we will be able to create the conditions for working on the river bed to be able to build the main dam,” he said.

The Teles Pires HPP, currently being built by Odebrecht Infrastructure with Odebrecht Energia investments, will have an installed capacity of 1,820 megawatts, distributed into five generation units of 364 MW each.