Careers at Odebrecht

Odebrecht Youth


For the fourth consecutive year, Odebrecht was elected one of the Top 10 Youths' Dream Companies, according to the survey conducted by the companies Nextview People and Cia de Talentos involving thousands of Brazilian youth. 

Motivated to offer their personal contribution to the Community and interested in learning more about human nature and relating to People, these Youth should be capable of communicating with People, reacting positively to challenges, questioning that which has been established and possessing that restless characteristic of People who are in search of what is new and unique.   


With a natural talent for leadership, the Talented Youth in which Odebrecht has a vested interest know how to motivate and coordinate a group, lead it toward new and better achievements and encourage each one of the Members of this group to further develop their skills.

Solid academic performance may be an indicator of Talent, since it indicates the Youths' discipline, strong willpower and effort to complete their tasks, but it cannot be understood as the sole and exclusive indicator of the character, talent, vocation and motivation of those Youth that the Odebrecht Group needs to build its future.

Learn more about the Odebrecht programs focused on Youth:

Young Partner


Identifies, integrates and develops youth in the quest for achievements who are willing to overcome major challenges in a business environment that offers Business diversity and multiple career opportunities.

Learn more about the program.

Braskem Young Apprentice

The program is designed to attract and train youth who want to pursue a technical career at Braskem. The idea is to identify those candidates willing to assume challenges, applying in practice the knowledge acquired during their education. 

Braskem Young Operator

The goal is to attract and train young talents to begin their career in the area of industrial operation. The program was designed to support Braskem's sustainable growth as it works toward the 2020 Vision and its main premise is the following: "learn to do it to do it right." Stay tuned for more information.