The 9th edition of the Odebrecht Award for Brazil’s Sustainable Development discloses the five winning university projects that propose sustainability solutions applied to a number of areas in engineering and agronomy. Each project will be awarded R$ 60 thousand and will be published in a book commemorating the Award.

These awards are intended to encourage the creation of knowledge on topics related to the contribution by engineering, architecture and agronomy to sustainable development, and to make them known to the Brazilian academic community and to society. The students behind these projects will have the opportunity to participate in selection procedures for work vacancies in Odebrecht Group companies.

This year 261 projects were posted, with 251 in 2015 and 161 projects in 2014, which reflects the increasing interest in the Award. 

The five winning projects, from the universities of Dourados (MS), Ouro Branco (MG), São Paulo (SP), Vitória (ES) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) were studied by two adjudicating committees under an economic feasibility, environment responsibility and social inclusion viewpoint, among other criteria. The total sum awarded will be divided among the author or group of authors, adviser and university, each of which will be paid R$ 20 thousand. 

The Odebrecht Award is a business action by Odebrecht Group. In addition to being held in Brazil, awards are also granted in ten other countries: Angola, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. 

Below follows a list of awarded universities and projects (alphabetical order):

State University of Mato Grosso do Sul - UEMS
Subject: Study on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Pavers Obtained by Including Plastic Residues from the Packaging Industry.
- Bárbara Pinto do Nascimento - Environmental Engineering
Adviser: Aguinaldo Lenine Alves - Professor, PhD

Federal University of São João Del Rei – UFSJ
Subject: Hydroelectric Power Plants and Fish Mortality: Development of Technology to Study and Mitigate the Impact with a View to the Electricity Sector’s Sustainability.
- Deysiane Silva Martins - Chemical Engineering 
- Gustavo Luz Carvalho - Civil Engineering
- Lázara Rodrigues de Oliveira Fonseca - Telecommunications Engineering
- Sarah Santana Menezes - Civil Engineering
Adviser: Luiz Gustavo Martins da Silva - Professor, PhD

University of São Paulo – USP
Subject: Sugarcane Seedling Selector
- Fernando Antonio Torres Velloso da Silva Neto - Mechatronics Engineering
- Fernando Paes Lopes - Mechatronics Engineering 
- Henrique Oliveira Martins - Mechanical Engineering
Adviser: Eduardo de Senzi Zancul - Professor, PhD

Federal University of Espírito Santo - UFES
Subject: Influence by Windows in the Use of Energy in Multi-Family Residential Buildings. 
- Filipe Galina Costalonga - Architecture and Urbanism
Adviser: Edna Aparecida Nico Rodrigues - Professor, PhD

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ
Subject: Model of a Wave-Energy Power Plant: Water and Energy, Infrastructure’s Duet
- Alexander Kataoka Ishikawa - Naval Engineering 
- Lucas Osório e Castro Portes – Naval Engineering
Adviser: Luiz Antonio Vaz Pinto - Professor, PhD