Born in 1945, Tatti Moreno began sculpting very early, at the age of 12, shaping dolls from wire, glue and scrap metal. Already an adult and enrolled at the Salvador School of Fine Arts, one of her professors was no less than Mário Cravo Júnior. From there, Moreno began creating compositions made from tin, stainless steel and aluminum. One example of her work are the Orixás (African deities) under the fresh waters of the Tororó Dike, located in the Bahia capital.

Until September 30, members and the general public of Salvador, in Brazil, can visit the exhibit entitled "The Art of Tatti Moreno," which reveals facts about the artist's career. On display at the Odebrecht S.A. Office, the exhibit gathers 50 works from different periods (some of which were granted by collectors), together with 15 all-new works. 

On August 18, the exhibit launched a book with the same name. From writer Claudius Portugal, A Arte de Tatti Moreno ("The Art of Tatti Moreno") narrates personal stories and interesting facts about the artist's creative process. There was also the launch of a video with scenes from Tatti's career, produced by filmmaker Pico Garcez. The project received support from Odebrecht, Braskem, Bradesco Seguros and Bahiagás. The book can be purchased at the main book stores in the city.