In June, Cusco received a new 9.5-km road. The Evitamiento Avenue Improvement Project benefits pedestrians and drivers and was completed by Odebrecht Engineering & Construction International - Infrastructure in Peru. 

With an investment of US$ 132 million, the construction work generated 1,700 job opportunities at the peak of the activities and is part of the city's Urban Development Plan (COPESCO).  

Vehicles that travel along the new Evitamiento take 30% less time to complete the entire route. Besides promoting tourism to reduce vehicle traffic in the city's historical downtown area – especially along the avenues La Cultura and 28 de Julio –, the recently-inaugurated stretch creates a connection with the access way Carretera Interoceánica, which connects the municipality to the country's South region. 

Route to Machu Picchu

"We have completed an important phase in the modernization of Cusco, which is receiving more and more tourists each year interested in visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu," said Ricardo Boleira, Senior Officer of the Business in the country. "We helped build a modern and safe road, which will undoubtedly improve the flow of vehicles to this tourist region," said Ricardo Boleira, the Business' Senior Officer in the country. 

The new Evitamiento Avenue has two main roads, two auxiliary roads, six bridges and a bicycle path. Along the stretch, crosswalks help pedestrians safely cross the road between the districts of Saylla, San Jeronimo, San Sebastian and Wanchaq.