The U.S. National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) announced in July that the Grand Parkway – built by Odebrecht Construction USA as part of a joint venture with Zachry American Corp. – won Best Project in the Infrastructure category.

Administered by the Texas Department of Transportation, the construction project will cross seven counties in Houston, capital of Texas, and extend nearly 300 km. For NCPPP, the project stands out for using "effective and organized" elements like "construction, design and financing," and also demonstrates an "integration between public and private partners," making it "a milestone in transport initiatives."

With some of its stretches inaugurated, Grand Parkway already offers benefits for those people living near it. Much of the development has been in the area of real estate, by attracting residential and commercial office buildings. There has also been an emergence of medical districts along the stretches already operating.