On Wednesday (August 16), Braskem completes 15 years of operations as a company with an increasingly global footprint, recognized by clients in around 100 countries across all continents. To reflect this trajectory and to symbolize the continuity of its global expansion cycle, Braskem is adopting a new brand, which will be gradually incorporated into the company’s communications and visual identity starting today. 

"The new Braskem brand symbolizes our ambition to continue growing as an important player in the global petrochemical industry, constantly advancing in the development of people and focusing on delivering sustainable solutions in chemicals and plastics to improve well-being and quality of life across society," says Fernando Musa, CEO of Braskem. 

The new visual identity, in blue and yellow colors, seeks to express traits such as resilience, focus and transparency, also indicating the company’s strategy focused on people and its vision of the future.

Created in 2002 from the merger of six assets, Braskem consolidated the Brazilian petrochemical industry in Brazil, took major strides in its international expansion process and became one of the world’s largest producers of thermoplastic resins.  It currently has 8,000 team members and operates 41 industrial plants, of which 29 are located in Brazil, six in the United States, four in Mexico and two in Germany. 

New strategy for brands of Odebrecht Group companies

Braskem is the first Odebrecht Group company to modernize its logo in line with the new strategy for brands of Group companies. 

Recently, Odebrecht S.A. (the holding company) redesigned its business model and started playing a new role of strategic architect of its businesses, focusing its efforts on defining guidelines and sharing synergies.  In this new scenario, Businesses gain greater management autonomy and review their strategies to better adapt themselves to the reality of their markets. 

According to the new brand architecture, the name Odebrecht will eventually be used exclusively by the holding company to better represent the business diversity and autonomy of Group companies.  Brands with independent names will maintain a subtle visual identification system to ensure minimum coherence that adds value to the holding company. 

With the new strategy, each Business will be responsible for deciding on brand change according to its needs, identifying a material fact that strategically justifies a change.