In May, Embraport reached the 1 million mark for containers transported at its terminal. With operations initiated in 2013, the Odebrecht TransPort company recorded more than 1.6 million TEUs (unit equivalent to a twenty-foot container) in its national and international operations. 

"The milestone reinforces the commitment and dedication of all our members in the constant search for efficiency and productivity," said Ernst Schulze, the company president. "During these three years, over 1,000 ships were served," he said.

Responsible for the operation of one of the largest private port terminals of Brazil and located on the left bank of Santos Port in Sao Paulo, Embraport maintains an international standard for transport, one considered superior to other South American ports and similar to the complexes of the Far East, considered the world's most efficient.  

Best Time 

The average time spent by trucks at the Embraport terminal access gates is less than 30 minutes, the best time at Santos Port. The company specializes in container cargo logistics, loose cargo, breakbulk (project cargo) and Roro ship cargo (vessels that operate using ramps and do not require cranes for loading). 

Another differential is the NAVIS logistics planning system, one of the world's most modern by integrating specific software that makes the reservations in the yard and completes the logistics planning of the containers on the ships, grouping them by their unloading order. 

The complex also has gates that help streamline and automate the entire process, with the identification of drivers using a biometric system and BDCC (identification system for customs warehouses). The methodology checks the truck's license plate, container number and the driver's information – allowing for automatic access, granted that the vehicle is correctly scheduled for the allotted time.