An initiative that has already trained over 200,000 people all over Brazil arrived to the Bahia Southern Lowlands in October. Through the initiative, young farmers from the region – including the beneficiaries of the Odebrecht Foundation’s PDCIS Program – underwent training with a focus on entrepreneurship in the field.

The Empretec course was held in the municipality of Valença by the Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Companies (SEBRAE). The action is part of the Bahia Southern Lowlands Young Family Farmer Entrepreneurial Skills Development project, a partnership between the foundation, Multilateral Investment Fund (FUMIN) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). With a methodology created by the UN, Empretec developed the characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior during 60 hours of immersion and identified business opportunities together with the youth.

“We hope that this experience can lead to transformations in their lives and in the communities in which they live,” said Emanuel Oliveira, responsible for the Partnerships and Social Investments area at the foundation. Elane dos Santos, a student at one of the Family Homes supported by the foundation, spoke highly of the initiative. “It was important to know the best path to take, the risks we run and how we should face obstacles,” said Santos. “Without a doubt, I’ll put it all to practice,” she said.