In May, the Engineering & Construction Businesses at the Odebrecht Group completed their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission inventories. The results of the verification and work of the teams at the contracts guaranteed, for the third consecutive year, the maintenance of the Gold Seal that is part of the Brazilian GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol Program.

Besides the measurement, there was also the external verification of the documents in order to obtain an assessment of the process by an independent specialized company. The verification is based on samples and followed the GHG Protocol methodology. 

The completion of inventories at the Odebrecht projects and assets follows the guidelines of the Methodological Guide for GHG Emission Inventory for Infrastructure Projects and ISO 14.064-1. Since 2011, Engineering & Construction has conducted complete inventories that highlight the main emission sources of the activities undertaken. Last year, 140 documents were recorded on projects and assets located all over the world.