Instituto Fábrica de Florestas - IFF, with the support from the maintainers, Braskem, Cetrel - Odebrecht Environmental, and Comitê de Fomento Industrial de Camaçari - COFIC, recorded a production of one million seedlings. This result was attained thanks to the work developed since the creation of the Institute, in 2007, up to the last year. In the same period, the action recorded the planting of approximately 600 thousand seedlings.

In 2015, IFF, produced over 116 thousand seedlings of native species from Mata Atlântica. Of this total, 39 thousand were planted in the states of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The action was also responsible for the qualification of around one thousand people, and for making 17 thousand people aware of the importance of the environmental preservation.

The Institute is qualified in the category of Organization of the Civil Society of Public Interest - OSCIP, with head office in Eco Parque Sauipe, Bahia. Created in 2005 by initiative of companies of the Industrial Pole of Camaçari and the touristic sector of the region, its purpose is to consider the local environmental issues on integrated and sustainable basis.   

As of 2012, with the success of Instituto Fábrica de Florestas in Bahia and sponsored by Braskem, it began to operate in other states such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro through seedling nurseries known as “Viveiros Escola”. These nurseries are products of the project Fábrica de Florestas which operate in the Environmental Education and Reforestation areas.

Eco Parque Sauipe, recognized by UNESCO as Advanced Post of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere, where the Environmental Education Program - PEA, has already serviced more than 100 thousand people and qualified three thousand teachers and community leaders. It has national recognition through several important awards obtained, including “Prêmio ECO”, sponsored by the American Chamber, “Prêmio CNI de Ecologia”, sponsored by the National Confederation of Industry and “Super Top de Ecologia”, sponsored by Associação dos Dirigentes - ADVB.