The lives of thousands of SuperVia passengers in Rio de Janeiro became more convenient in 2017. Those who used to purchase tickets at the counters will save approximately 15 minutes during their daily commute. From now on, to use the train, they simply need to place their credit card, debit card or pre-paid card close to the turnstile validator.

The pilot project created by the Odebrecht TransPort company is the result of a partnership with MasterCard. The payment system is a first of its kinds for public transport in the country and is now operating in test mode at the Brazilian Central Station. It will soon be available at another six stations. The goal os to have the service available at another 20 stations by the end of 2017.

“This solution will simplify the lives of millions of people by reducing lines to buy tickets," said Herbet Quirino, Financial Director of SuperVia. "Besides the efficiency, we will also enhance safety with less circulation of money," he said. The initiative is part of the Rio de Janeiro train modernization process and MasterCard hopes to take the technology to other capitals by December.