Increasing visibility for the environmental cause by joining two companies from entirely different fields of operation: this is one of the goals of the partnership established in October between Odebrecht Agroindustrial and Aston Martin Racing, the British auto racing team. 

In the calculation involving the sugarcane processing operations and capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the sugarcane reed beds, Agro's result is a positive one. Thanks to the voluntary agreement between the companies, a small portion of this result will be used to neutralize Aston's CO2 emissions, compensating the impacts on the atmosphere caused by the race cars during the course of a season. 

Global Awareness

"Our business is based on a renewable energy source and our operations are entirely focused on sustainable solutions, which prevent and minimize impacts related to climate change," said Luiz de Mendonça, Entrepreneurial Leader of the Business. "It is this awareness that we want to promote, both in Brazil as well as abroad," he said at the agreement signing, which occurred during the ceremony for the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development, held October 17 in Rio de Janeiro. 

According to the two companies' Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Inventories and the Neutralization Statement, issued by the independent consulting firm BSI Brasil Sistema de Gestão, the GHG emissions by Aston Martin Racing at the World Endurance Championship GT competitions over the period of one year can be neutralized by the removals completed by Odebrecht Agroindustrial during the period of one harvest.

"The Endurance races are efficient when the topic is fuel consumption and tire use," recalled Jeremy Scoones, Partnership Director at Aston. "Nevertheless, we know that our activities have a certain environmental impact. For us, it is about recognizing the impact and taking that first step toward a more sustainable way of racing in the future," said Scoones. 

Besides Luiz de Mendonça and Jeremy Scoones, the meeting that marked the signature was also attended by driver Aston Fernando Rees. Now 31 years of age – 20 of which he has dedicated to auto racing –, Rees represents Brazil at WEC.

Sustainable Roots

The concern with sustainable development was born together with the company. Because it generates products of a renewable origin and follows a business model with positive environmental impacts, Agro plays an important role in the country's Low Carbon Economy to help reduce climate change. Last year, the Business avoided the emission of 5,500 t of CO2 into the atmosphere. Systematically, it guarantees practices for biodiversity preservation in those biomes in which it operates.