On August 4, Odebrecht Agroindustrial reached 50% of its milling goal for the 2016/2017 Harvest, with 15.5 million tons of sugarcane processed. During the last harvest, it reached the same record 10 days later, demonstrating that the Company is moving forward full-steam ahead toward its goal of milling 31 million tons by the end of the cycle, achieving a 5.8% growth in processing compared to last year, when it finished with 29.3 million tons of sugarcane milled.

Luiz de Mendonça, Entrepreneurial Leader, recalled the importance of surpassing goals after the financial restructuring concluded in July by Odebrecht S.A., which capitalized Odebrecht Agroindustrial at R$ 6 billion. "Even with the end of the negotiations and with the money already available, we need to continue our commitment to generating cash and continuously seeking to improve our working capital," emphasized Mendonça.

During a meeting held with some of the members on August 2, Luiz de Mendonça expressed confidence. "During the previous harvest, we enjoyed a victory and realized our potential," he said. "Without losing the same focus and discipline, we'll continue working hard to be recognized as a solid company by our 12,000 professionals, their families and society." 

The Company expects to produce 2.1 billion liters of ethanol, 630,000 tons of sugar and 2,200 GWH of electric energy from biomass during the 2016/2017 Harvest.