To establish a stronger connection with students and young professionals, Odebrecht Engineering & Construction (OEC), an Odebrecht Group company, launched today (September 10), its own channels on social media, an engineering blog and a new website.

OEC, which is used to innovating in construction sites, will strive to stand out in the social media universe through creative and compelling content about the world of engineering through simple and direct dialogue. The goal is to create narratives that evoke interest by the relevance of subjects and demonstrate the company’s new positioning: commitment to transparency, ethics and a legacy of technical quality. For this, one of the company’s strategies is to keep institutional content preferably in the background. The posts will contain factual information about happenings at sites, news about the company, innovation, engineering in our daily lives, interesting facts and major inspiring projects in Brazil and abroad. 

Before the release of the new own platforms, all of OEC’s digital communication was conducted through the channels of the holding company Odebrecht S.A., which, since 2017, has donned the new role of a “strategic architect” of the investments it holds in several businesses, which have since gained greater management autonomy.


The principal highlight of the site will be the OEC World blog. “The idea is to work with fun content and lists, a sort of ‘Buzzfeed’ of the universe of engineering,” explains Rodrigo Vilar, Director of Corporate Marketing at OEC. The channel will bring interesting facts about the field of engineering such as amazing projects, unusual materials that can be used in construction, animal engineers and pioneering women in engineering. 

As for the Facebook page of the company, which operates in 16 countries, the idea is to adopt a smart global page that redirects the user to an active local page, if available, as is the case with OEC operations in Angola, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Mozambique, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic - a universe that has approximately 450,000 followers. “It’s the Brazilian operation that is making its debut on Facebook and we're taking this opportunity to give more uniformity to the content and visual identity of the pages in other markets. All this without sacrificing proximity, maintaining the autonomy of local communication teams regarding content management and interaction with users,” explains Vilar.  

The Twitter account (@oec_br), also considered in the company’s strategy for its interactive and objective profile, will be an important tool for communication with opinion makers, besides being strategic for monitoring purposes. OEC seeks to have an active presence on the platform. 

In addition to creative and inspirational content, OEC will adopt a lighter visual identity in its social media, giving prominence to the complementary colors of the brand. OEC also plans to launch its digital presence on LinkedIn and Instagram by the year-end. 

The task of planning and creating the social networks was handled by the agency CDN Comunicação. To ensure global alignment of OEC’s digital presence, the agency also organized workshops with communicators working outside Brazil and produced guides and manuals to guide the concepts, visual identities and content, all with the brand’s "voice”. The new corporate website ( was designed by Sirius Interativa. 


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