Early this month, Odebrecht Latinvest announced its new brand. With the change in its name and logo, the company – now called OLI – underscores the process of renovation it has been going through in recent years.

OLI was created in 2012 to manage infrastructure concessions in Peru, Colombia and Panama. Based in Lima, it is the Group company that invests in assets, transportation and logistics across Latin America.

The change in the OLI brand reflects the intense process of renovation across the Odebrecht Group, with the implementation of diverse governance and compliance measures, promotion of new leaders and the rollout of a comprehensive divestment program to ensure the sustainability and self-sufficiency of each Business.

“Odebrecht Latinvest has been playing a key role in this journey, whether through the adoption of new guidelines and policies aligned with its commitment to working ethically, with integrity and transparency, or through the sale of assets and the operational excellence of its concessions that serve millions of users and clients. With joy and satisfaction, I announce another important step that we have taken, this time to visually underscore the transformation and progress we have made so far. The new brand represents the intense developments and the renewal of our commitment to people and the future,” explained Mauricio Cruz, OLI Business Leader.

Renewed brand portfolio

The change at OLI concludes the revamp of brands across the Businesses of the Odebrecht Group, which now has a portfolio of businesses with renewed identities that convey transparency, dynamics, plurality and technical excellence – characteristics that are present in all of the Group companies.