The Odebrecht Real Estate Developments event Realiza OR recorded the sale of 210 units during its fourth edition. The event, which took place on June 3 in nine Brazilian cities, brought higher than expected results: at the end of the campaign, the General Sales Value (GSV) was over R$ 100 million, surpassing initial expectations by 43%.
“The result we achieved becomes even more significant when considering the company's stock profile and the current economic scenario, which initially led us to project a goal of R$ 70 million in GSV," revealed Marco Siqueira, Entrepreneurial Leader at Odebrecht Real Estate Developments. 
Apartments, office spaces, and stores were sold in five states, besides the Federal District. The event had 550 visits by clients, who visited one of the 14 points of sale in the regions where the company operates, including the Odebrecht São Paulo Building. 
“The results from Realiza OR reflect the recognition of the quality of our products and commitment of all members involved directly or indirectly with the action," said Siqueira. "This gives us strength and encourages us to continue with our work, preparing the bases for a new cycle of growth."