A project about how to produce biodiesel and renewable natural gas from microalgae. Another to replace part of the cement from constructions with recyclable glass. A third one to convert CO2 into ecological cement, and consequently, reduce the construction project's impacts on the atmosphere. These are some of the winning projects from the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development in the Dominican Republic.

Students, teachers and faculty members from the Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Sciences departments were recognized during a ceremony held on October 5 in Santo Domingo. The project Biodiesel and Renewable Natural Gas Production from Microalgae and the Capture of CO2 at Conventional Coal Plants – by students Einstein Tapia and Pahola Acevedo from Santo Domingo Autonomous University (UASD) – came in first place. Four other projects were awarded.

Held annually in the Dominican Republic and for the sixth consecutive time, the award encourages youth to propose sustainable solutions and generate knowledge about the topic in the academic environment and among members of society. The initiative is currently held in 11 countries, including Brazil.