In order to meet the demand, RIOgaleão Cargo will have special operations during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. For the occasion, the Odebrecht TransPort company has invested in improvements to the infrastructure of the Tom Jobim International Airport, where it will receive cargo such as sports, media and advertising equipment and even horses.

"We have a crucial logistics role during the course of the Games, as well as the commitment to maintain the quality of the regular operations," said Patrick Fehring, Director of RIOgaleão Cargo. "That is why we invested in new equipment and formed a team that will be exclusively dedicated to the event," he said.

Less Time, more Cargo

Since 2014, when RIOgaleão took over the operation at the airport, the average time for cargo release has been cut by 20%. The storage capacity for chilled materials has also tripled. By the end of the year, the terminal will have received R$ 30 million in improvements. 

For the Olympic Games, 20 cargo aircraft are expected exclusively for the event – approximately 2,000 additional tons of cargo when compared to the weight the terminal normally receives. To store this cargo, the company created a special 2,800-m² area.

Another 12 other cargo freighters will land at the airport with 314 horses participating in the equestrian competitions. The area dedicated to the operation received a ramp to transfer the animals from the aircraft into trucks. They will then be driven in these trucks to the Deodoro Equestrian Center, located in the capital.