In Peru, the IIRSA Sur Concessionaire – headed by Odebrecht Latinvest– is developing one of the most modern and innovative engineering projects ever completed in the country: the La Pastora River Defense, a containment system that protects stretches of the South Inter-Oceanic Road, administrated by the concessionaire.  

In the city of Puerto Maldonado, the Madre de Dios River has historically caused erosions of part of the slopes through which it passes, compromising the integrity of the road and, consequently, the Madre de Dios population's access to the remainder of the country. 

In order to prevent these erosions, the country's Ministry of Transport and Communications and IIRSA Sul created a hydraulic solution that consists of a coastal defense using 12 metal jetties. "The jetties are designed to reduce the speed of the water flow, and therefore, reduce waste," explained Biaggio Carollo, Investment Director for IRSA Sur. "They also help ensure that the sediments brought by the river stabilize the slope over the medium- and long-terms," he said.  

The work also includes the construction of a drainage ditch that traverses the edges of the cliffs and drains the rainwater that accumulates along the highway. The containment project adopts methodologies with a low environmental impact.