Every day, 700,000 people board and deboard the SuperVia trains in Rio de Janeiro, whether to work, study or have fun. Moments that are shared in Stories of Those Who Ride the Train, a new campaign promoted by the Odebrecht Mobility company.

The action highlights the improvements made over the past five years and resulting benefits for the population. During this period, SuperVia remodeled 21 stations and placed 120 new trains into operation. Today, 95% of the over 1,000 trips made per day are in air conditioned trains.

"We are part of the lives of thousands of people and we are committed to transforming the service so that everyone can continue gathering these good stories while on the trains", said José Carlos Prober, President of SuperVia.

The campaign is aired on television, radio and social media. The video also features behind-the-scenes reports from the operation, shared by the company’ s more than 2, 500 members.