Efficiency, safety and comfort: these words represent some of the new features available at the main door of entry for those arriving to Rio de Janeiro by airplane. Since June, access to the boarding areas and transport from the Tom Jobim International Airport has been automated. 

RIOgaleão – the Odebrecht TransPort company responsible for the airport's management – installed 19 automatic gates, activated through barcode readers that identify the boarding passes (printed or on mobile devices) and authorize the travelers' passage. The gates also have more accessible sizes, facilitating the passage of individuals in wheelchairs.

"The new technologies will open space for the flow of 50 passenger per minute at Terminals 1 and 2," said Luiz Teive, President of RIOgaleão. "We are working so that arrivals and departures are increasingly safe, efficient and streamlined," he said. The company has continuously invested in the airport's modernization. For the Olympic Games alone, Galeão received R$ 2 billion in improvements.

Under Surveillance 

Brazilians also benefit from the new e-Gates, electronic gates that automatically read passports and facial biometrics for international arrivals and departures. The equipment is integrated with  Brazilian Federal Police software, which monitors arrivals and departures in real time.

Additionally, the new integrated security system has more than 1,000 surveillance cameras, which have been installed throughout the airport area to intensify security, especially during the Olympic Games.