Headed by Odebrecht Infrastructure - Brazil, the TransBrasil Consortium kicked off the construction of the BRT TransBrasil roadway lanes and stations on January 10. The new road network will join the Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods of Deodoro and Caju.

The project is designed to improve the routine of thousands of people who use Avenida Brasil - one of the city's main avenues - on a daily basis. Additionally, the BRT will be integrated with the other means of transport, such as the train and subway stations, increasing its coverage to the entire population of the Baixada Fluminense region.

The reformulation of this first stretch includes the city planning and sign and lighting installation along the streets, together with the restructuring of the drainage system. The project includes the construction of 16 stations and 17 walkways, in addition to eight new viaducts and two bridges along the 23-km stretch. It is estimated that the BRT TransBrasil will serve 820,000 passengers each day.