How to align the environment and human development with the needs of modern society? This was the question asked for those who can help reposition sustainable development challenges over upcoming years. And it also served as the guide during the Odebrecht Transforms seminar, promoted on November 22 at the Odebrecht S.A. Office in Salvador for 260 representatives from 14 university institutions. 

The central theme of the event was "The Challenges of Sustainability in the Company-Society Scenario" and addressed practices in the academic environment and projects that can generate knowledge in this area. In attendance were students, coordinators and researchers from the Engineering, Administration, Communication, Architecture, City Planning, Accounting Sciences and Biology courses, together with Odebrecht members.

The idea is to discuss the topic in a pragmatic and broader way, associating sustainable development with the perpetual survival of future generations.

The opening conference was presented by Sergio Leão, responsible for Sustainability at Odebrecht S.A. During his presentation, Leão discussed the trends for the next 15 years in terms of the relationship between society and companies, and also commented on the challenges inherent to the relationship between these parties, emphasizing the role youth play in a connected and transparent world.