Design and Architecture students will be responsible for the creating the urban furniture found in the public areas at Maravilha Port, the Rio de Janeiro region being revitalized by Construtora Norberto Odebrecht through the Construtor Porto Rio Consortium. Curious? You can get a step-by-step look at these creations.

During the 4th edition of the Odebrecht Braskem Design Challenge, the public can see the progress of the projects through a web series that airs on the Challenge Facebook page. There will be four monthly episodes, each one featuring one phase of the challenge: Understand, Conceptualize, Design and Finalize.

The opening episode, which is already online, presents the 24 students within the context of the field research, project discussion and process of transforming ideas and concepts into drawings.  The proposal is to develop innovative applications with plastic in urban furniture items, considering criteria such as modernity, sustainability, practicality and sophistication.

“At the end of the program, the idea is for Maravilha Port to receive some unique items, which blend functionality and design and are inspired by Rio de Janeiro," revealed Mônica Evangelista, responsible for Polypropylene Accounts in the Civil Construction Segment at Braskem. 

Upcoming Episodes

During the second episode, sketches will be presented to designers Augusto Seibel and Marco Maia, the mentors for the competition. In the third, the groups will roll up their sleeves and get to work; and the fourth episode will reveal the projects chosen by the judging committee, consisting of specialists and representatives from Braskem, Odebrecht S.A and the partner company for the initiative, the agency Ampliativo. 

During the last editions of the Design Challenge, the results demonstrated creativity and functionality. The furniture produced in 2013, for example, is now located in the public area of the Odebrecht São Paulo Building. In 2014, the students had to create furniture for schools in two categories: Early Education and Elementary and High School. In 2015, items were developed for the Odebrecht Real Estate Developments buildings.