The SuperVia app offers a new services that allows passengers to see how long until the next train arrives. Simply select the departure and destination stations on the smartphone and the system will show you, in real time, how many minutes left in the trip. The new Odebrecht TransPort company tool was activated during the Olympic Games.

Launched in 2014, the application is free and features geolocation, which identifies where the user is and indicates the closest station. It is also possible to monitor events related to the railway transport system, select stations as Favorites and send messages directly to the SuperVia Customer Service team. 

“The features were developed based on requests and questions from the users themselves, who communicate with the concessionaire via digital channels like Twitter and Facebook," emphasized Danielle Almeida, responsible for Communication. To download it, simply search for “SuperVia” on the App Store or Google Play. The new version is bilingual (Portuguese and English) and is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.