With the goal of renewing its commitment to building a sustainable future, Odebrecht Agroindustrial announces the change of its brand to Atvos. The new positioning is aligned with the company’s planning for the coming years, which includes the need for new investments to support growth and to surmount the new challenges of the sugar and ethanol industry.

“The world is enjoying a scenario with many opportunities related to clean energy and the low-carbon economy, which increases the significance of Brazil and of the company’s production chain. We are well aware of our responsibility for maximizing the use of biofuels and consequently for fostering sustainable development. We must prepare for these challenges,” explained Luiz de Mendonça, CEO of Atvos.

In 2017, the company completed 10 years of operations focused on supporting the development of local communities, producing clean energy and creating more than 11,000 direct and 30,000 indirect jobs in four Brazilian states (Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo). “We were created to participate in the sugar and ethanol industry’s transformation. We matured, expanded our operations and achieved importance business advances. We’re proud to have one of the industry’s largest and most modern production units. Now, we must blaze new paths to take another leap forward,” added the executive.

Atvos has sugarcane crushing capacity of 36 million tons, which is sufficient to produce 3 billion liters of ethanol and 700,000 tons of sugar and to generate 3,100 GWh of electricity every crop year. Since the launch of its operations, the company has invested over R$12 billion and played an important role in the regions where it operates. According to Mendonça, the strong engagement in capital development and job creation are legacies that will be maintained. “We renewed our commitment to neighboring communities and to the production of clean energy for Brazil and the world,” he said.

The company’s training programs already have surpassed 5 million hours of training to 520,000 participants for investments of over R$80 million. Meanwhile, Energia Social, an Atvos program that invests in social and environmental activities, already has directly benefited over 150,000 people through 74 projects in the fields of education, culture, production, health, safety and environmental preservation.

About the new brand

To build a new concept, Fibria conducted an in-depth study of stakeholders’ perceptions of the company and where they see the company in the future. “An industry singled out as one of the world’s biggest energy trends needs a new and modern brand. Bringing a new attitude and fresh air, Atvos reflects the execution capacity of our Team Members and the sustainability of our Business,” said Mendonça. 

According to him, the construction of a cleaner tomorrow, the sum of attitudes, plurality and energy are some of the attributes taken into consideration when coming up with the name. “The color orange is energetic and vibrant, just like the people who build our company,” he concluded.

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