Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and global leader of biopolymer production, is the best company in carbon management, according to the 2015 ranking prepared by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international non-profit organization that measures and encourages companies to disclose information on their environmental impacts. This position is notable among 73 national companies that answered the CDP, one of the most widely recognized indicators in the world for capital market sustainability analysis.

Braskem scored 100 in transparency (within a 100 scale) and A- in performance (scale from E to A+), and is the only company in the country at this level of performance.  That result strengthens the leading position of the company, which has been showing increasing results since the ranking was created, in 2013. 

Such recognition also reflects the good practices undertaken by the petrochemical company. From 2008 to 2014, for instance, Braskem reduced its gas emission by 13%, thus refraining from releasing 4.4 million tons of equivalent CO² to the atmosphere. Besides, the company has consolidated its risk management program for risks arising from climate changes by making a comparative analysis between the current situation and 2040. 

"Being on the top of the CDP in Brazil demonstrates that we are on the right path to strengthening our contribution to sustainable development, with particular emphasis on climate changes. It further serves as encouragement for us to evolve our business strategy and our investments in innovation", asserts Jorge Soto, head of sustainable development at Braskem. 

Less than one month away from COP 21, to be held in Paris, this announcement legitimates the company's attendance at the event, which will involve companies, organizations, and governments from all countries to set a global agreement with aims to reduce carbon emissions and limit global warming.