Braskem Idesa, a petrochemical joint venture company with the Mexican group Idesa, accomplished an important target with the production of the first batch of polyethylene in the Petrochemical Complex of Mexico. 

This milestone is part of the gradual start process initiated in December with the start of operation of the utilities area, followed by the cracker in March. After the start of the first high-density polyethylene plant, which occurred today, the expectation is that the other two plants of polyethylene start operating still in this month. Throughout the next months, the objective is to reach the production capacity of 1.05 million of tons of polyethylene per year.

“With the beginning of the operation of the Petrochemical Complex in Mexico, Braskem shows its capacity to carry out a large-size greenfield project, with the additional challenge of running it abroad”, says Carlos Fadigas, president of Braskem. The Petrochemical Complex is aligned to Braskem's strategy to make its operations international in the Americas and to have greater access to the gas base competitive raw material.

Located in the state of Veracruz, the Complex includes an ethane cracker, integrated with three polyethylene plants, in addition to the plants of utilities (power, water and steam). The supply of ethane is ensured at a competitive price by a twenty-year agreement with Pemex (Mexican oil and gas state-owned company), with reference in North-American gas. 

Braskem Idesa already has a structured portfolio of customers, formed by over 350 companies in Mexico and also by several partnerships with distributors to expand access to the market. 

The Petrochemical Complex will help reducing part of the deficit in the chemical sector in Mexico, which has reached US$ 20 billion, according to the Mexican National Association of the Chemical Industry, which may generate a positive impact on Mexican trade balance between US$ 1.5 billion and US$ 2 billion per year.