Reinforcing its internationalization strategy, on October 7 Braskem inaugurated the new Colombian office, which, together with the Singapore office, is set to begin operating still in 2010. The two sites will become the company’s commercial centers abroad. The company is also preparing this year to inaugurate its branch in Lima, Peru, which will be responsible for developing new and important petrochemical projects in the region.

Braskem is contemplating developing a petrochemical project in Peru for the production of polyethylene, which will be the largest integrated petrochemical complex on the West Coast of the Americas. The Lima office, which will be inaugurated by the end of this year, will facilitate the course of development of the future project. The office will also coordinate Braskem’s actions in neighboring countries like Bolivia and Venezuela.

The office in Bogota, Colombia, began operating on October 7 of this year and will be responsible for negotiating resins with the Central American and Andean Region markets. The location is strategic, since it is home to the largest concentration of markets and free zones, facilitating business. Furthermore, the stable economy in the region helps contribute toward the favorable scenario. Braskem plans to extend its participation to those markets, working more closely with Clients through the local offer of resins and application development and technical support services.

Singapore was chosen because it is the largest and most important logistics point in Asia. The office will facilitate Braskem’s communication with the Asian market for structuring the company’s future operations. It will also allow the Company to improve its assistance for Clients from Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. Initially focused on basic petrochemical products, the office will provide more effective and efficient commercial support.

The first commercial office that Braskem opened outside Brazil was in Argentina, in 2002. Since then, it has opened others in the United States, Holland and Venezuela, among others. The proximity with Clients allows the company to better understand their needs and the specific characteristics of the markets where they operate.

Based on this concept, Braskem expanded the office located in Rotterdam, Holland, which sells thermoplastic resins. Today, it also sells basic petrochemical products, such as ETBE, olefins and aromatics. This allowed it to expand its local operations in Europe while also increasing the array of products offered to Clients. The same thing happened with the commercial office located in Houston, Texas, dedicated to serving the entire North American market.