Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and global leader of biopolymer production, has won the third edition of the Brazil-Germany Innovation Award. Such recognition is an initiative on the part of the Brazil-Germany Chamber to value products and processes carried out by Brazilian and German companies located in Brazil. The petrochemical company was recognized for its Braskem Maxio® case under the “Challenge” category, which received a total of 50 projects nominated for technological innovation, focused on efficient energy generation and use. 

Launched three years ago, the Maxio® line is made up of high-performance resins that bring advantages such as: increased productivity, reduced power consumption, and lower weight in final products, ensuring higher efficiency and consequential environmental gains. Only last year, 160 new customers entered the portfolio of the line, which had sales of about 120 thousand tons and is present in 14 market segments, such as food, car, civil construction, hygiene, and cleaning industries. 

“Innovation is one of the pillars of Braskem's operation and it guides all of the company's production processes. When we created the Maxio® seal, our goal was to ensure that this innovation would reach our customers and would also be noticed on the final products. We are very pleased to receive this recognition. It encourages us even further to maintain our strategy of pioneering supported by sustainable development", asserts Walmir Soller, head of the Polypropylene Business of Braskem. 

The advantages of resins have already been evidenced by several customers of the company, like furniture manufacturer Tramontina, which managed to reduce its production costs with plastic chairs, and home appliance producer São Bernardo, which reduced its power consumption by 21%, in addition to reducing by 12% the temperature profile applied to the industrial process of containers. The benefits of the seal can also be checked on the smartphone application called Braskem Maxio®, which calculates the advantages of using the portfolio in injection processes. 

Besides offering the major successful cases under the Maxio® seal, Braskem presented, at the award event, the new EVA resin (ethylene copolymer and vinyl acetate), which allows for faster, more sustainable production of athletic shoes, thus eliminating the ultraviolet (UV) curing process for sole bonding. With this change, ozone emission can be eliminated from the process and the cost of this production stage can be reduced by up to 26%. 

About Braskem

Braskem is the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas. With 36 industrial plants distributed throughout Brazil, the United States and Germany, the company produces more than 16 million tons of thermoplastic resins and other petrochemical products annually. The world's largest biopolymer producer, Braskem has the capacity to manufacture 200,000 tons of polyethylene derived from sugarcane ethanol each year.

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