The evaluations and reflections made by our shareholders and executives have led Odebrecht to decide on definitive collaboration with Operation Lava Jato investigations. 

The company, which has identified the need to introduce improvements to its practices, has been in contact with the authorities in order to collaborate with investigations, in addition to the leniency initiative which was adopted with the Comptroller General’s Office (CGU) in December. 

We hope that the information provided contributes significantly to Brazilian Justice and the construction of a better Brazil. 

In the same direction, we continue to refine our compliance system and model of governance; we are in an advanced process of adhering to the UN Global Compact, which aims to mobilize the international entrepreneurial community to adopt recognized values in the areas of human rights, labor relations, the environment and fighting corruption in its business practices; we have established compliance targets so that our businesses classify as a Pro-Ethical Company (from the CGU), an initiative which encourages companies to introduce measures to prevent and fight corruption and other types of fraud. We are also going to adopt new relationship practices with the public sphere. 

Despite all of the difficulties and awareness that we do not have overriding responsibility for the facts investigated in Operation Lava Jato – which, in fact, has revealed the existence of an illegal and illegitimate system to fund the country’s party electoral system – we continue to believe in Brazil. 

Contributing to refining the institutional context, Odebrecht is looking at itself and seeking to evolve, with its sights set on the future. We understand our social and economic responsibility, and we will execute our contracts and maintain our investments. Thus, we will be able to preserve the direct and indirect jobs that we have generated and continue in our role as an essential economic agent, in a responsible and sustainable manner.

With regards to our 130,000 members, some of which have been unfairly portrayed on numerous occasions, their families, our clients, the communities in which we operate, our partners and society in general, we express our commitment to the country. We have a 72 year history and know that we have to move forward by means of practical actions, dialogue and transparency. 

Our commitment is to evolve with Brazil and for Brazil.

Emílio Odebrecht
Chairman of the Board of Odebrecht S.A.