Led by Odebrecht Engenharia & Construção Internacional – Industrial Engineering, the construction of Ethylene XXI project, comprising the construction of the biggest petrochemical complex in Latin America, in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, has just been awarded the Industrial Safety Prize – The 2015 DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards. The awarding ceremony took place during the event held this Monday, October 12th, in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

The Ethylene XXI Consortium, whose participation also includes the companies Technip, from Italy, and ICAFluor, from Mexico, faced considerable challenges to implement an efficient culture of safety. Different perceptions about risks and approaches to mitigating them in the project, as well as cultural barriers for safe practices in the construction site strongly influenced the conquest of the award.

Another relevant characteristic is the dimension of the enterprise. With 17,055 thousand employees at the work’s peak and over 26 thousand throughout the construction, and 29 different nationalities, the daily challenge is to ensure labor safety in this contingent of people since the beginning of the construction, in 2012. 

The award was granted to Ethylene XXI for its performance in industrial safety, and it recorded the highest known score in the history of the awards. The administration, backed by the top management commitment, with policies, standards and procedures that make it possible to consistently identify, monitor and control HES risks and potential dangers, constantly seeks to eliminate incidents and complies with legal norms, improving the enterprise’s performance.

The commitment from top leaders of client Braskem-Idesa and Ethylene XXI, supported by the partners – Odebrecht Engenharia & Construção Internacional, Technip and ICAFluor – formed a solid base to reach this level of safety and people protection. 

To that end, a Health, Environment and Safety System (HES) was established, based on behavior, workers risk perception and change of attitude related to prevention. The personalized trainings, safety programs based on human behavior, effective communication, preventive indicators assessed by the project’s directors and recognition of the people were crucial during the journey towards the zero incidents target.

These efforts provided results that can be translated into more than 92 million man/hour worked with record rates in the safety requirement. 

The petrochemical complex will include the following facilities: 

  • Ethene cracker from ethane, using Technip’s proprietary technology.
  • Two high density polyethylene plants using INEOS Innovene technology. 
  • One low density polyethylene plant using BASEL Lupotech technology.
  • Facilities for storage, waste treatment and utilities, which will include a 150 MW combined-cycle power & steam cogeneration plant.
  • A multimodal logistics platform to transport 1 million tons of polyethylene a year on cargo trains and trucks or bagged.
  • Administration, maintenance, support and control room buildings.

After the work is concluded, the project will be operated by Braskem-Idesa, a Mexican company formed by Brazilian Braskem (petrochemical division of Grupo Odebrecht and the biggest producer of thermoplastic resin in the Americas) and Grupo Idesa, an important company in Mexico’s petrochemical sector.

The result of a US$ 4.5 billion investment, the complex will start operations in December of this year, and will have capacity to process 66 thousand barrels of ethane per day, producing 1.05 million tons of ethylene annually, raw material to produce 750 thousand tons of high density polyethylene and 300 thousand tons of low density polyethylene.

In Mexico since 1992, Odebrecht participates in infrastructure and petrochemical projects strategic for the country. Its first accomplishment was the construction, in the Huítes region, in the State of Sinaloa, of a dam and a hydropower plant. The company was also ahead of the Michoacán Hydro-agricultural Project, which provides water for agriculture in the State of Michoacán, a semi-arid region in the center of the Mexican territory. In Minatitlán, Odebrecht was responsible for modernizing and enlarging General Lázaro Cárdenas Refinery, for Petróleos Mexicana (Pemex).

In these more than 23 years, Odebrecht is proud of having taken part in the construction of several projects that contribute to improve Mexicans’ quality of life. Currently, it leads three investment projects: Ethylene XXI, Los Ramones Norte Gas Pipeline and the Water Management System of Veracruz.

Odebrecht’s internationalization process is part of a strategic-corporate decision to ensure the survival, growth and perpetuity of the business. Building abroad is always more challenging because you operate in often little-known locations and are submitted to different cultures and legislations. Exporting services, in this case Engineering, is the most sophisticated way for a country to enter the international market, once you export skills, knowledge, experience and Brazilian goods and services necessary to carry out the work.

About the DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards
Created in 2002, the DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards are in their 12th edition. The objective is to celebrate the achievements of organizations of all sizes in the world that have found innovative ways of making a difference in the safety and health of their employees, the environment and productivity. A jury of experts assesses projects according to criteria such as management engagement, cultural evolution, performance improvement, innovation and engagement of stakeholders. All applications must demonstrate measurable results and improvements that can be evaluated through defined key performance indicators. 

About Organização Odebrecht
Organização Odebrecht, the fifth biggest Brazilian private organization, completes 71 years in 2015, is present in 21 countries and has had gross revenues average annual growth of 20% in the past fifteen years, especially overseas. A leader in engineering and construction, and in the chemical and petrochemical segments in Latin America, the Organization also operates in the sectors of bioenergy, environmental engineering, defense, real estate, oil and gas, naval, transportation and logistics through its own leadership, strategic partners, established governance, compliance systems and completely segregated cash flows.

The Odebrecht Corporate Technology (Tecnologia Empresarial Odebrecht - TEO), a corporate philosophy that has among its basic principles the Serving Spirit and Trust in People, allows the decentralization of businesses, which function autonomously, based on Planned Delegation. The Organization integrates over 168 thousand professionals of 65 different nationalities, and exports products and services to more than 60 countries.

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