The following statement was published by Construtora Norberto Odebrecht (CNO) this Saturday (15) in the following newspapers: Jornal do Commercio-PE, Diário de Pernambuco and Folha de Pernambuco.

The searches and seizures carried out by the Federal Police (PF) on Friday August 14, 2015 at Construtora Norberto Odebrecht’s (CNO) offices in Pernambuco, Bahia, Brasília, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, constitute blatant unlawfulness and abusiveness when carrying out investigations which do not appear to have any other purpose than to expose the Odebrecht Group, a Brazilian entrepreneurial group with global operations.

This violent initiative is even more surprising and shocking when not a single CNO representative was invited to provide any clarifications on any fact or evidence that justified starting a criminal investigation.

On suffering the consequences of the searches and seizures, CNO established that, although the initiative for the investigation which generated the illegal measures implemented today had started at the Federal police/Pernambuco, the Federal Court in that State refused to exercise jurisdiction for the matter, as it did not understand the alleged occurrence of any injury to the Union, its public companies or independent agencies, and the proceedings were transferred to the State Court.

With regards to the development, unlike that reported by the Federal Police, contracting a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) was preceded by an Expression of Interest Procedure (PMI), based on applicable legislation and duly authorized by the State Government of Pernambuco. In this type of procedure, private entities, in collaboration with the Public Authority, take on the responsibility of preparing and bearing the expense of all the studies, surveys and projects for months or even years, to support a future public tender related to the PPP, with them being able to take part alongside other competing companies. This is in compliance with the law and it was precisely this which took place in the case of the PMI for the Pernambuco Arena, with the Cidade da Copa Consortium winning the tender in a regular public bidding process.

The Pernambuco Arena was constructed without the use of public resources and the prices applied were totally regular and audited. The Consortium invested their own resources and provided guarantees for bank financing, which ensured the early delivery of the project, in order to hold the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Since the beginning, the preparation of the contract and licensing of the development were accompanied by and discussed with control and audit bodies – such as the Court of Auditors in the State of Pernambuco, the Federal Public Prosecution Service, the State of Pernambuco Public Prosecution Service and the State Legislative Assembly.

CNO repeats that it has always been available to the authorities to provide any necessary clarification and publically regrets the fact that it has once again suffered from the violence of having its offices and its executives’ homes submitted to arbitrary searches and seizures, on the pretext of investigating alleged irregularities.