The company has just announced its new brand: Horiens. The name reflects the essence of our operations, which goes beyond merely providing insurance brokerage services and involves a more comprehensive approach to risk management, which includes structuring and managing insurance programs. 

This renovation also represents an important step for the company, which is also seeking to diversify the markets in which it operates, bringing to sectors where it is not yet present a consolidated work methodology and its expertise in risk consulting. 

“This change helps us to reinforce our niche of excellence in the services provided to Horiens’ current clients while also focusing on protecting the assets of Odebrecht S.A. and its investee companies. At the same time, we are interested in growing in the risk and insurance market and, with the new brand, we will be able to communicate our differentials more accurately," explains Marcelo Neves, CEO of Horiens. 

In 2018, the company managed US$65,3 billion in insured assets, almost US$ 1 billion in guarantees issued, as well as policies covering 60,000 people with life insurance and 105,000 people with health insurance.

Henceforth, the company’s visual identity and communications will be updated. The choice of the name considers the combination of concepts that refer to how we think and act, guiding clients to take their best decisions. Horiens is born from the combination of horizon and orientation. The colors used are associated with growth, technology and renovation, while the minimalist form conveys modernity. “The brand is a reflection of the current moment at the company - of looking to the future with dynamism and innovation, while reaffirming to our clients our commitment to service excellence,” Marcelo Neves points out.

In its history spanning over 40 years, the company has consolidated its operating model by working closely with its clients in their daily activities and challenges. “The focus is on understanding risk and selling it in the most qualified manner possible, thereby expanding opportunities for our clients," says Marcelo Neves. 

Pursuit of customized solutions is a working approach typical to Horiens and that is why in 2018 launched Risk Labs, a risk laboratory based on data science. The purpose is to make correlations and bring insights that support strategic decision-making. “It is a resource that we intend to use more often. The results have been very positive,” says Marcelo Neves.

In its new positioning, Horiens also values transparency, dialogue and governance, concepts with which it has been running its business for over 40 years, and seeks to highlight its experience in supporting large industries in segments such as construction, concessions and PPPs, agriculture, chemicals and petrochemicals, oil & gas and transportation, in their risk and insurance strategy.


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