An initiative of the City of Rio de Janeiro and the Roberto Marinho Foundation, the Museum of Tomorrow was inaugurated on Thursday, December 17, and will be open to the public as of Saturday, December 19.

The project was carried out by Construtora Norberto Odebrecht through the Porto Rio Joint Venture, and symbolizes the revitalization of Rio’s docklands.

Construtora Norberto Odebrecht is a shareholder in the Porto Novo Concessionaire, which is responsible for operating the docklands area of Rio de Janeiro

About the Museum of Tomorrow:
•    15,000 square-meter area, surrounded by recreational areas
•    An auditorium seating 400 people, with a shop, cafeteria and restaurant
•    Designed to make the best use of the region’s natural resources, such as collecting rainwater and using solar energy
•    30,000 meters of submerged piers support the building’s weight
•    The museum explores six major trends: climate change, changes in biodiversity, population growth and longevity, greater integration and differentiation of cultures, technological advances, and the expansion of knowledge