Odebrecht would like to clarify that there are false rumors circulating that its executives have threatened authorities and public officials, as well as the future of the Brazilian Republic, in response to the investigations of Operation Lava Jato [“Car Wash”; a Brazilian corruption scandal involving payoffs and the state-owned oil giant Petrobras].

It is untrue, for example, that the CEO of Odebrecht SA, Marcelo Odebrecht, linked the future “of the Republic” to the arrest warrant issued against him, a warrant this manifestly illegal.

Similarly, it is also a complete fiction that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Odebrecht SA, Emílio Odebrecht, warned that more cells would be required to hold politicians whom he would denounce in Brazil and abroad.

The Odebrecht Group and its executives have never hindered the ongoing investigations in any way and have always been available to the authorities to provide information. Odebrecht remains at the authorities' disposal to help ensure that these matters are cleared up quickly, convinced that the truth will come out and that justice will prevail.