The defense counsel will await the opportunity to make their counter-arguments and exercise the right of defense.

With regard to Marcelo Odebrecht, the Federal Police report once again contains distorted interpretations of his personal notes that were taken out of context and are so anachronistic that they are completely illogical. The most serious misinterpretation is the attempt to assign Marcelo Odebrecht responsibility for the extremely serious crimes that are being investigated and allegedly involve the highest ranking members of the Federal Police in the state of Paraná, such as the question of wiretaps in cells, among others.

The Federal Police report does a disservice to society and confuses the public by making assumptions based on Marcelo Odebrecht’s personal notes, when it should stick to the facts. In Annex 11 alone, there are 16 variants of terms such as “presumably,” “possibly,” “it is possible that,” and “it could be”...

Odebrecht especially repudiates the intent of attributing to the CEO of its holding company alleged intentions inferred through speculative reasoning with the clear objective of extending his imprisonment, which, like that of the other executives who work or formerly worked at Odebrecht, is completely illegal and abusive.

Regarding the order from Judge Sergio Moro, defense counsel will respond within the legal deadline.