The defense counsel for Marcelo Odebrecht, Marcio Faria, Rogério Araujo, Alexandrino Alencar and César Rocha stated this morning, in a petition to federal police chief Eduardo Mauat da Silva, that their clients will exercise their constitutional right to remain silent during the interviews scheduled by the Federal Police (PF) in Curitiba.

Since the investigation involving Odebrecht began in October of last year, the group’s managers and employees have always put themselves at the authorities’ disposal to shed light on the facts being investigated.

In fact, Marcelo, Marcio, Rogério and Alexandrino have already given statements during investigations conducted by the Supreme and Superior Courts (STF and STJ). Even so, the Federal Police has never called on them to provide explanations regarding the matter being investigated in this case. Not a single interview was scheduled.

Now, after nearly one month in prison, the PF is suddenly interested in hearing them, precisely on the last day of the deadline for concluding the investigation

The restriction of the right of defense of the individuals under investigation is obvious, all the more so considering that several documents related to the investigation have not yet been made available online to enable the defense counsel to analyze them in advance, even with the briefest of advance notice.

Given this situation and the unjust coercion to which they are being subjected while being prevented from knowing all the elements of the investigation, the only alternative for those executives is to remain silent during their testimony, a right guaranteed by Article 5 of the Federal Constitution.