Marcelo Odebrecht testified today to provide clarifications to the judge regarding accusations against him made by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Paraná (MPF-PR).

In a written statement to the judge, Marcelo vehemently refuted the allegations made by the prosecution. After all the evidence and testimony were collected, it was absolutely clear that Marcelo had no involvement whatsoever in the facts stated by the prosecution.

When asked by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the judge in charge of the case, none of the “informants” and witnesses brought by the prosecution reported any participation by Marcelo in the alleged irregularities. 

Furthermore, Marcelo regretted the absolutely illegal imprisonment he has been subjected to for more than 130 days. There are no subsisting grounds for this extreme measure restricting his freedom.

In fact, all the allegations that served as grounds for Marcelo's arrest have already been disproved:

- An alleged deposit in Barusco's account, denied by the task force itself;
- An email between the company’s executives, which was fully clarified in Pedro Barusco’s testimony to the same judge yesterday;
- And the notes made by Marcelo for himself, which do not constitute a crime but are merely absolutely personal observations on matters that Marcelo learned about through the media.

As such, we are confident of not only his acquittal in this criminal proceeding but also the repeal of his detention through the writ of habeas corpus, which is awaiting the decision of the Superior Court of Justice.