Odebrecht has once again garnered third place in the ranking of a survey conducted by Cia de Talentos in partnership with Nextview People to find young people’s "dream companies" in Brazil. They surveyed 68,000 people between the ages of 17 and 26 who spontaneously mentioned the names of 3,144 companies. The Odebrecht Group, which has been on the list since 2011, maintained the same position it held in 2014. 

Professional development, a good market image, an opportunity to do what they love, providing constant challenges and the possibility of innovating were the main reasons that the people interviewed gave for admiring Odebrecht.

According to Daniel Villar, Odebrecht’s Vice President for People and Organization, the admiration the survey found is the result of a strong culture of valuing young people and trusting in their potential for growth and development. That is one of the values that has been an integral part of the company’s operations for over 70 years. “Educating young people is one of the pillars of Odebrecht’s entrepreneurial culture, which provides major growth opportunities for professionals at the beginning of their careers. The results of this survey demonstrate the recognition we have achieved among young people thanks to the Group’s commitment to education through work.”

With average annual growth in gross revenue of 20% over the last 15 years, the Odebrecht Group has 161,000 members worldwide who work with the touchstone of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), an entrepreneurial philosophy whose basic tenets include the Ethos of Service and Confidence in People. This makes it possible to decentralize the Group’s businesses so its entrepreneurial leaders can work autonomously on the basis of Planned Delegation.

About Odebrecht

Founded in 1944, Odebrecht is a Brazilian organization with a global presence. It operates in the segments of engineering & construction, chemicals & petrochemicals, bioenergy, environmental engineering, defense, investments and concessions, real estate, oil & gas, shipbuilding, transportation and logistics. Present in 21 countries, the organization’s members include more than 160,000 thousand professionals from 70 different nationalities. It exports products and services to more than 70 countries. In 2014, Odebrecht reported gross revenue of BRL 107.7 billion.

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